DIRECTOR: Keith Parmer CAST:Lennie James, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Grant Bowler, Alfred Molina, Josh Henderson, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Daniele Favilli, Freya Tingley. LOGLINE: It was the most celebrated robbery in Las Vegas history. Five men, nicknamed the Rat Pack, for the rubber Halloween mask they wore as they hit a legendary casino. After a violent firefight that spilled millions onto the strip, four of the five men were captured. Ten years in the blistering Nevada State Prison System has left them hardened criminals when they blast their way out of a maximum security prison, and the four men that didn’t get away are hot on the trail of the one that did – with ten million dollars of the stolen cash. When the gang shows up in Baker, Bishop, now the law-abiding town sheriff, begins to realize he may be that man. Will he become the man he once was to save the lives of his family? Even if facing his past, means standing alone once again?