Based on the myth of Icarus, The Magnificents follows the vertiginous rise and fall of new kid in town Raphael and his competitor, the deeply religious and covertly gay Michaelangelo, under the guidance of their barely qualified manager Giammati. Set against the backdrop of libertine Florence, The Magnificents dives into the beginnings or Fame as a commodity - a theme that runs as deep in the 21st century as it did in the 1600s when Florence was a shining light in democracy, art and commerce in a rising sea of darkness. This event series will bring the dark passions of the artworld to the forefront and unveil the secrets behind the masterpieces we all thought we knew, under the authority of Lorenzo the Magnificents, the rebellious curiosity of the real Mona Lisa and the political genious of a young Machavelli against the backdrop of religious fanaticism.